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Fitting in Swimming and how time gets away….

Everything took longer yesterday than I wanted at least in the arena of getting ready. Showering on one foot bites, there is no other word for it that I’m willing to print and then getting the dog ready, in the car with both her and my lunches and trying not to forget my brain….

Dropping her at day-care was easier than usual; Mike the new guy was there on time! No waiting, just took her and her BFF - Bodie outback. Never thought I really would use that acronym ‘but it is what it is.’ Boo loves Mike thank goodness, but she believes I should stay and play with her no matter what, work, what is that? She doesn’t want me to leave and I have to take her out back or she sits down and 70 lbs. immediately becomes 700 lbs.

She has also learned a new trick at day-care, she opens the gate and lets her friends, Bodie and Molly, out of the yard with her…they can only go into the kennel area fortunately. What a good dog! She isn’t selfish at least; she shares her tricks with her friends. If she wasn’t such a favorite, they might not think she was so funny or smart.

Using the new transponder in my car to make the lights at the toll booths magically turn ‘green’ was the biggest delight of my day. The fact that I’m so amused by simple things make me think there is very little upstairs at times. Simple pleasures are for a simple mind.

Picked the dog up by six and yep, you guessed it. It was time for a dip. I had re-applied the liquid bandage over the ankle yesterday morning and half taped it. Just a quick extra tape job and off to my cove for a swim from twilight to dark. Going down a rock beach on your butt isn’t the most fun. I really hate rocks, doesn’t matter if they are here or Britain (Lochs Lomond and Earn have rocks, the Channel starting places have rocks and so does Dover Harbor) yuck. I hoped the extra padding on my rear would make it more tolerable, but just another reason to complain under my breath about rocks, and hating rocks. It was high tide at least, not as far down the beach as in the mornings.

I swam for about an hour and a half, out and around the coves. One day it will be early enough to head out around East Point. It was a nice swim even though my ankle has its own pulse. The water was cool which helped calm down my ankle and the evening still comfortable. It was cool enough for the pooch to hang in the car with windows and the back window open and a bowl of water. But she slept due to her big day with Bodie. The twilight was beautiful and there was a half moon hanging in the sky that brightened as the light dimmed. It was a nice calming swim with a few sprint laps across the two coves to rev up the heartbeat and breathing.

Headed home and worked on homework and early to bed. When did I become such a granny-like person, in bed and asleep by 9:00? What a wuss.

Well at 2:30 AM I awoke and so did the sleepy Boo, so it was time for a little dog worship, something she never has enough of and back to bed around 2:50 or so… Why were work question about scope running through my head at that time? But write them down and see if they are as important in the morning.

Up earlier this morning due to the time everything took yesterday. Only today, fix everything for the day, have breakfast (coffee and Strawberry Oat bites), then head to the cove for a quick swim just as light starts to peek around the horizon. I figure if I get in and swim my 15 in the morning and head home to shower and dress, it is the same time and I can be out the door at 6:30 at the latest. So a quick swim, more sprint to get in distance in a short time and back to shower, dress and grab my liquid yogurt and juice for the ride to work. Of course I had another cup of coffee; I can’t start my day on just one!

Hope you guys had a good day…..
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