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December 2017



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Writer's Block: 9/11

What were you doing on September 11th, 2001? How do the events of that day hold meaning for you now?

I was in bed when it started, watching the early news. I went to work that day and got a review, somehow I've never forgotten that and how wrong it felt.

I tried to reach friends that worked in the buildings and headed to church during lunch mostly just calling on my youth for any comfort. There was no reason for the events of the morning, I still don't find any, it was a twisted man's plan.

Later it turned out that I lost three friends, thank goodness one of our bunch was going in late.... One of my best friends, Cyn. lost her father that day.
My friend 'CHH' was on his way to Hawaii for vacation with his wife and son, after working in AUS. He was stuck in AUS for a few days but safe. He finally got to Hawaii but I think the vacation was kind of a goner.

Cyn. is now a mother of two boys, her dad would be so proud of his daughter, her husband and their two boys... What a handful! We will swim Alcatraz together for many years and see her boys in their first swims.

CHH and his wife have 2 beautiful children, one boy and one girl both terminally cute and smart. They are growing up loved, safe and busy. The parents are amazing folks.

I did OK today, called Cyn on the way home. After my swim, I'm having a beer and toasting my friends and hoping they hold on to some of the cool problems for me when fixing systems elsewhere and save me one beer. I don't drink much!

I remember all the times the 5 of us got together and I was the designated driver because I hated beer. Well, one in memory and love is doable and not bad tasting.

Sorry J, I'm drinking your beer.... Healing is happening, a year at a time hopefully for everyone.


I'm so sorry for those you lost, and thank you for the comment- there is a ironic kinship in this tragedy. That something that was meant to drive us all apart by terror actually manages to draw us all closer together.

that is how they don't ever win...


Edited at 2008-09-12 05:04 pm (UTC)
Minor correction: at the time, Corwin wasn't yet born. Valkyrie had quite a strange day, flying to Hawaii, by herself, seven months pregnant, on the first day flights started after 9/11.

And the vacation wasn't a goner - it was a fantastic week, made better by a lack of other tourists.


Just remember that it was almost time for Cwn to make his appearance. I love you all... Valkyrie is a wonderful Mom and I'm glad my memories are a little fuzzy. It was better than I thought. I just remember worrying about you.
Love you all.

Don't worry about the Beer


Don't worry about the beer. I know how to get some more and, if it helps with the healing, it is indeed going to a good cause.