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Swimming under the harvest moon!

Got home on Monday night just as the sun was going down in the West and a full harvest moon was rising in the East. I decided it was the perfect time for a swim before collapsing for the night. The moon was a beautiful purple/pinkish of enormous size rising by Egg Island. The water was calm and the perfect temperature. I really looked at Egg Island and weighed the pros and cons of swimming that mile out to it and mile back but decided to be a ‘role model’ and not do it. But one day that logic might not win…

I did a deck change in the car, one of these days I’m going to get caught doing this….but if I go home first, it is less likely that I’ll go swim. So leaving the pup asleep in the back, Doggie Day Care is wonderful, I set out up to Forty Steps Beach and then back and decided to swim around the Eastern Point of the Island. I got to an area where I could see both the Sunset and the Moon rise and my inner self felt much quieter than it has for awhile. Even though I was swimming hard I felt more at peace and at home than I had felt for awhile.

Starting a new job and routine tend to get me a little more wound up than I want to be and heading home to Ca for 36 hours to attend traffic school is also a little disconcerting. (Another post on that will follow…) It was a nice feeling to just be at peace with my swimming and environment. I really felt strong and my stroke was nice and even as I sliced through the water. This may be the reason that little cement prisons (indoor pools) don’t ever feel as good…. Nor do they satisfy as much as the open water. After a good two hours I was headed back in the dark with the moon still rising and the lights from Lynn on the right.

It was a perfect evening swim and just calmed everything. Felt like I had found my place in the world for a little while.
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