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Everything that can happen in a week/end at Conference…

Well I have been out of the water for 1.5 weeks due to an ear/nose infection. Can anyone explain why ear aches bring out the 3 year old in all of us? It is now healed or on the road to being there.

I also attended USMS (United States Masters Convention) under the USAS (United States Aquatic Sports) umbrella in Atlanta, Georgia after I was cleared to fly last Thursday. It was an interesting weekend and some things took a long time. I would like for one year not to be among the youngest 1/3rd there and not when I get older…
I also just want to go on the record to clear up a few things:

1. Puerto Rico is part of the US territories and the United States but is not a part of USMS. It has its own governing board! And people would probably not have been as upset if that is how it was phrased instead of likening it to ‘Mexico holding our Nationals.’ Canada may have been a better choice and saved us a lecture from a 30+ year teacher on Geography. But somehow I doubt it ;-)

2. You can’t pay me to go to a finance or insurance meeting, even 700B may not be enough. So don’t go expecting me to be good when you go over the budget for 2+ hours, line by line, in the HOD. I’ll be there, I won’t snore but I won’t be good! Hey I have to stay awake somehow and yes, I choose texting my misery to my friends and putting status' up on facebook.

3. Taking time to integrate the wetsuit swimmers fully into National Open Water Championships is not prejudiced! We all recognize that some of our future growth will come from these folks. I for one believe it doesn’t matter how we get them into the water, just get them in.
But there are logistical nightmares for medals, top ten times, championship times for cable swims, tracking participants, changing or updating all the OW rules, etc…
Swimming at the same events in a separate heat is a start. Give us time, we will get there.

• On the same note, while we are concerned about hypothermia, we are also concerned about hyperthermia. Yes, wearing a wetsuit in water that is very warm can result in ‘baked swimmer,’ kind of like baked Alaska but not as tasty. And it is a serious concern for us of the non-wetsuit ilk, we are trying to keep all races safe for every participant.

4. The Masters Hall of Fame inauguration was a nice event and the honorees were amazing swimmers, divers and a water polo player. The later is only the second water polo player to be honored.

5. During the Aquatics Banquet it would be nice if we (swimmers – USMS/USA-S, etc) showed respect for the other sports honoring their athletes by being quiet during their presentations. This really annoyed me and it was from many tables so it could apply to water polo, diving, and synchronized swimming also. A little respect goes a long way so watch the scores for football on your blackberry and be quiet…shhhh!

6. And I’m sorry but getting up at 4:30 to take a bus that left a few minutes early every day to swim with all the morning folks is not on my ‘to-do’ list even if I hadn’t been benched with the ear… Thanks to my room mate for swimming at night.

7. Getting up at 4:30 AM to catch a flight and then to be delayed in SC because there was no help to get from one terminal to another (crutches folks!) totally sucks, but not as much as getting a lecture from Eric, the flight attendant in First Class.
He needs to be moved back to coach to learn manners for about 7 years or so, are you listening US Air?
He lectured me on ‘I can’t leave the plane to check on the wheelchair’ and it went on from there when I politely pointed out ‘I never asked him to leave the plane just look outside of it.’ He continued his lecture and got highly offended, personally so, when I said ‘thanks Dad for the lecture.’ He didn’t find it funny but

A. he was old enough to biologically be my father
B. Age is a state of mind so I know he was mentally old enough to be my G-Grandfather at the very least. ;-)

Well after spending all day in airports for a >4 hour flight after my encounter with Eric, he at least deserves to be in my journal and the subject of a letter to US air. By the way, the coach class, also known as cargo, flight attendant was a very nice and helpful woman she also made the letter in a very different way, maybe they will give her the cushy job?

So, am I looking forward to Conference next year? You bet, where else can you see Octogenarians square off verbally and correct each other’s English and Geography?

Besides we got a lot of work done this year despite my post and there is a lot more to do as Masters Swimming grows as a sport here and abroad.
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