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December 2017



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Being cheap isn't always good...

When I got the ear infection, I opted to go for the cheap antibiotics, well that was a big mistake. I have been down now for almost a week with pneumonia and missed the second surgery on my ankle. I been just wenchy and miserable to be around. I feel like there has been a 2 ton elephant on my chest and some really vivid dreams due to the fever. It has also bugged the snot out of my asthma, so next time... Yes I will take the expensive stuff, please!

Today after a breathing treatment I don't feel like I'm hyperventilating. So, feeling so-so, I spent some time on the 'total gym.' Every time I talk about it, I think we need to have a Chuck Norris'ism...

'When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night he checks his closet for Chuck Norris'

I really like that one. But I spent about a half an hour on the machine with the big black dog trying to figure out what I was doing. I usually lock her out and listen to her whine but today I decided she needed to see what I do behind closed doors. She stuck her nose everywhere, I was afraid that her nose was going to get clipped. She is such a curious pup, in more ways than one.

Then we were going for a walk on the beach. October 1st opens the beaches, not just doggy beach to the pups! But it was to cold for my chest so we settled on the open space at the Country Club. She dashes around like she had been house bound for a week, well in many ways she has been with the evening exception. She does these wild circles and then dashes within centimeters of you and is off again for another circle. But the black dog blends into the shadows, if you want to know if she is coming, you have to listen for the herd of thundering paws.

Well for those of you that don't know, in a little less than two weeks we will have two large black dogs. The Whoo dawg is going to come live with us as Boo's little sister. I can hear it now:

can't we take her back Mom!
She is bugging me!
I had it first, she stole it!
It wasn't me Mom'
It was her idea!

Well here is a little sneak peak of the Whoo dawg.

Life should be a very busy place here with the two girls and I'm very much going to be out numbered!

That is just a catch up on life 'out of the water.' And boy am I ready to go back in.