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December 2017



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Been a busy few weeks.....

Spent two weeks in Cocoa Beach Fla. right around Hurricane Ernesto. The water was 84 degrees, that is a jacuzzi!. Left and went to Scotland for 3 swims, a 4 mi, 1mi in Loch Oich (under Ness, part of the Caladonia canal and 6.5 Loch Earn. After the head injury and the sketchy practice I shouldn't have finished any. But I finished all three and with decent times considering the time of recovery. Boy I've missed my friends in the UK.
I spent a few days at USMS convention, closed down the hospitality suite on the last night, drinking one beer all night. It was a good time.
This weekend my 'sis' the 'queen of the channel' has been in town, so there has been lots of swimming and lots of great food. Alacatraz was a gift, I got to help a few in with lots of encouragement. Swimmers that start out with their heart and the hope they can finish are my heroes. Most finished. Truly a gift for me. Great dinner with Ali and Mum that night.
Went for a swim with Susan, Fea (and Jack, 2 year old shepherd) on Sun. Jack swam more than all of us... Quarter mile out to the flag and back.
Monday was a Golden Gate for KH birthday. We took pictures under the bridge and had a wonderful birthday dinner. Got to spend a lot of time with Ali and 'our' Mum. She shares so well.
There was a channelswimmers dinner on Monday night, both South-End and Dolphins were in attendance. It was a great time. The cooks did well. All in all a great weekend.


Hey! been a long time, haven't heard from you. Stuff has been happening here, give me a call if you want details.