Channelswim (channelswim) wrote,

The money question...

OK, I learned a long time ago you don't lend what you can't afford to give so that is not the issue. The issue is that it has become time to tell someone 'No, I can't give you anymore because I can't afford it.'

I did this with others that are related by blood this year so you would think that it would be easy. But in someways I hope it never is easy to say this to a friend. Of course, I also would love to not make friends that I have to say this to also... Hope springs eternal!

It is just a cycle where we all need to cut back, I've changed a lot of my life. Where I shop, the cheap grocery store, Walmart, the dollar store, the way I entertain myself, watching 'schnauzer wars,' TV not movies, not buying books or music, etc. But I need to also stop giving into sob stories. I have to realize that it doesn't mean I care less but maybe I care more by being honest with myself and the friend.
Tags: lessons learned, money, saying no

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