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Happy Halloween

Yep, I'm actually excited by this evening.  Nothing big planned except picking up the dawgs early and handing out candy to the neighborhood kids and taking some pictures of the costumes.  We have some great kids in the neighborhood and it is first year in the house, just seems like a relaxing night and a lot of fun for the kids.
I think  there is also a 'B' movie marathon of the old horror classics tonight, so I'm thinking popcorn and old movies.

You know it is kind of funny, I was remembering Halloween as a kid.  There were constants as a kid.  There was always swim practice before any fun and Mom always made 'home made' from scratch Chili.  I really miss that part so maybe next year I will have to bring back the Chili. 

Then there was trick or treating and the 'rents going through the candy and checking it.  Those old wives tales were big then also.  I used to save my candy and trade the ones I didn't like for gum for the next few weeks.  As a kid I didn't really have a big sweet tooth most of the time...

And do you remember those wax skeletons, etc with the syrup in them from 7-11?  Now I think, how disgusting! but I really liked them as a 5-7 yr old.  Thank goodness I grew out of them quickly.

Have a 'safe and sane' Halloween!

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