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Last two weekends…


For the last two weekends there has been sun!  The trees on the almost island are the some of the last to change this year so swimming has been beautiful.  The weekend prior to last (Nov 1-2), the water was 51 degrees and the ambient air temps were in the high forties.  It is amazing how much the sun can make up for when stripping down to a swimsuit and immersing oneself in the ocean.


On that Saturday, I was in for a 45 minute swim and then home for a nice bath.  On Sunday, I decided to swim for an hour and then take the dogs for a run at East Point.  Hey, they had their leashes on but as there were no others up there, I let them walk themselves.  They were obeying the letter of the law.  ‘All dogs must be on leashes,’ it doesn’t say anything about holding it. 

In hindsight though, I will do that in reverse next time, it took 2 hours of whining after getting home to warm up.  So next time the plan is run the dogs then swim and head home for the shower with a lot less whining or at least a little cheese to go with the whine.


Last weekend we had rain on Saturday but Sunday was gorgeous with water temp up to 52 and air temps in the early 60’s.  So in for a 90 minute swim after running the dogs on the point.  See I did learn something!  It was a nice long swim, with a little bit of speed work to keep up the body temps.  Of course I didn’t really do much else that day except the mandatory wash and dishes.  You know you drink to much coffee, and are not home much when most of the dishwasher is filled with mugs and spoons and just a couple of plates and bowls.


So Sunday night the pup got sick all night.  It was probably the vaccinations in accordance with what the vet said.  So we worked from home on Monday.  Can’t in all due diligence send her to day-care if she could have a virus? 

So Monday evening, it was…..  Yep, in the water again for an hour swim, the 52 degree water isn’t going to last and my concrete prison will still be there.  Yep, I actually got around to joining the YMCA but attendance has been spotty at best right now.  Who knew the water would actually go up a degree this November?


Well, today is Wednesday and the dogs are healthy and I seem to be trying to catch a cold…  And no, it has nothing to do with swimming in cold water.  I don’t get colds from the water just from germs….  Well there maybe a meeting tonight, a swim in the prison or just a night of rest….


Keep you apprised. 


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