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Messing with the dogs…

Well I have been kind of down for two days with a cold, thanks Tim!  Tim is an example of the world being very small.  It turns out that I was in 7th grade when he was in 8th at the same school and possibly on the same cross-country team.  He went to my sister high school, the same one my niece currently attends.  Many years later we meet on the opposite coast of the country at the same company.  That is a small world.


So the dogs and I have been working from my bedroom.  Actually the dogs are dividing their time between sleeping and making me crazy. 


It turns out that Boo Dawg (the 5 year old) has been stealing Whoo-Baby’s breakfast (the pup) and still eating her own.  I just thought that Whoo-Baby was still hungry because she hasn’t had time to get used to the new schedule.  But no, it turns out her big sister was trying to starve her.  So that behavior is stopping now, Whoo-Baby gets her own food and Boo can live with just one breakfast.  Basically the Boo Dawg is really the Boo Pig!


So I may be sick but I can still mess with the dogs.  I put pig’s ears in the back pockets of my jeans and yes, I have two pickpockets.  Boo Dawg is much better and more consistent than the Whoo-Baby.  But I’m trying to teach them to ‘leave it’ until I give it to them and I wanted them to eat it upstairs where I was working.  So it was pretty funny going up the stairs on crutches and keeping the pickpockets out of my pants….


We later tried it with chicken jerky, their favorite treats except for maybe pig’s ears.  Now for some reason they think that every time I head downstairs for cold medicine or OJ, etc they think I must be bringing them back treats.  They are special, not spoiled just ask them….


Also it was nice to find out one of my favorite artist put out an album today. He hasn’t released a studio album in 10 years.  I have been listening to the clips from the new album on his website  My favorite right now is 'Wild Horses Run'  with this lyric.

       I walk along the river, watch the water flow
       I wonder if I swim her, will she ever let me go?
       Or will she hold me like a lover? Make me part of her own soul?

Does that not sound like a long distance swimmer and the passion for the open water?

My favorite album of Michael's is 'Face Up in the Rain' and my very favorite song is 'The Way We Are Going' with this lyric...

       Hear that storm dancing on the river
       Shower over me
       Rain feels so forgiving
       The sky's a canopy
       I'm this lonely swimmer leaving part of me
       Ripples in the water rolling out to sea


   .....I leave that thought with you tonight......

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