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December 2017



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It has been a weekend of choices but not hard ones.   The weather was not great yesterday so it was an easy choice, a swim in the concrete prison down at the Y.  The pups slept in the back of the truck while I swam.  They aren't quite well behaved enough to stay home past a quick trip to the island store.  We are working on it though.....

So this morning it was at high temps around 55 this morning at 10:00 with a cold front coming in, so I opted for the ocean swim because with the cold front I don't know how far the ocean will dip and the concrete prison will be open all week! 

So I headed down the rocky beach for a swim, leaving a crutch and my shoes above the water line.  It was out to the chimneys in the middle of the cove (large rocks that form an island at low tide).  The tide was so high today that there was barely a crest across the top of the rocks.  But I stayed in the right hand channel and swam out around East Point for awhile. I really like the other side of East Point and the knowledge that nothing stands between me and Europe at that point.  I swam back and out past 40 steps beach and down the side of the island. No one was out today, usually I find a dog parent or runner but not today.  A quick turn around and a lap up close to 40 steps and and around the rocks between the two beaches and in on the left handed side.   I thought I kept the cold in my head but my chest is a little tight after my swim, could just have been the cold and the cool water, anyway it was a nice hour plus swim for the middle of November...

Went home to work on the Boo Dawg again.  We are working on grooming her, yesterday was the ears and today were the eyebrows.  I found a tick, so I took the pliers and removed it.  I was very glad that she had her lyme vaccination finished last week.   She was really good when I removed the tick, much better than when I was working on her ears yesterday....
And can anyone tell me why the Pup likes my dirty socks to carry around better than her stuffed animals?  I'm constantly having to round up the socks, she even takes them out of the hamper..... 

Well I'm off to round up socks, etc for the laundry today..... 




I am so enjoying this!!!! Gives me an insight into where and what you are all about!!! Re: Dirty sox....... be grateful it isn't dirty panties the Pup is in love with!!! To my eternal shame and angst AND a BIG dent in my purse, I have to tell you that Roo, the Male 'Lonie is in love with my panties!! Far, Far better than any toy. AND he trots them out the moment we have company!! And he eats BIG HOLES in them!!! SO< as I said, be grateful for small mercies!! Give your two girls a big love from me please! Lovies, Anne xxxx

Re: Sox

I used to have a wolf-hybrid that did the same thing except she got every pair, new, washed or in the laundry.... I started buying the 7 pairs at a time because of her....
So I'm glad they are just socks, with no holes in them..