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December 2017



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A sad commentary on life.... :-)

It is now almost 3:30 in the morning and the pup woke me at 1:30 to go out....  I can't get back to sleep.  If I was home on the West Coast I could go to 24 hour fitness and swim.  Instead my ankle is really hurting and I just finished emptying the dishwasher, reloading and cleaning the kitchen...  I did figure out there is a method to my madness in leaving out some dog biscuits by the stove, I give them a treat when they are being especially good when I cook.... 

But then again if I was on the west coast, I wouldn't be cleaning the kitchen at 3:00 in the morning because someone would be complaining about the noise or just complaining....  I also could just be lazy at my parents house, it is a thought. 

I think about the trade-offs, living very lean, missing my west coast dogs and my friends, the amount of swimming options available, but I also think about having a house to myself and being able to sit in sweats at 3:00 in the morning with J sleeping upstairs, hanging with the dogs and nobody questioning me except me....   There is no yelling or drama in this house, it is in the rules.

I also remember my mother doing these middle of the night insanity all through my growing up years.  Everyone had to get up and clean house, the yelling, rages and the craziness and just wanting to get though it and go to sleep...

That is not what this is about, I just can't go back to sleep, pretty simple.  Maybe I'm not becoming my Mother!

I was taking a time-release melatonin and I'm out of it.  I do think that made a difference in my sleep patterns as much as I would like to blame it on J's snoring :-)  It really isn't true, just some of it...  I'm hoping to have enough money to buy some more of it soon and test that theory...

My kitchen looks presentable, clean enough to cook in, pretty much clean dishes and pots, and there is lunch for tomorrow,. it seems I'm already a little a head of the game...  I would still kill a rubber chicken for water to swim in though! I even looked outside, no moon....

Hopefully this is good night and sweet dreams......


we miss you too. Maybe you could get a condo in SF or something...

I find I get up in the night, when I'm stressed and trying to work throught stuff.

It doesn't sound like you're repeating your moms pattern. I can't imagine being woken up to clean in the middle of the night, that's brutal.

Sleep well!


I actually got quite a bit of sleep last night, the pup who has been very sick all week, slept from 9:00 when I went to bed until 5:00 AM!

I feel so much better, and yes, the insomnia is worry, stress or just not enough exercise.... But for me it was nice to realize, my childhood is behind me and I'm not repeating the 'craziness' that I grew up with...

Thank you so much.
Melatonin never worked for me at all, I used it for a few months when I was traveling and racing a lot. I ended up with Tylenol PM, just one capsule was enough to keep me asleep when I fell asleep. Two was too many, I'd wake-up in the morning feeling groggy and almost hung over and it took half a day to recover.

Now, tell me, you were not really playing Insomnia by Faithless right? You just included that as extra commentary, I always do that with songs, use them as humorous, or hidden messages.

I have the "tic tic tic tic and here we are, it's half past three in the morning, lets roll it" introduction to insomnia as a ring tone if you want it... makes for great wake-up alarms


I was playing it because I couldn't sleep... I do weird things like that... Sometimes I do put in songs for commentary but I was playing the song as commentary that time...

The ring tone would be cool!