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December 2017



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Peaceful Warrior

This evening after a lot of water time today I was dozing with the boob-tube on.  It was the Peaceful Warrior.  I had avoided watching it because the book ‘the Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ by Dan Millman had such an impact on me as a mid-twenty woman.  I didn’t think the movie could do it justice and didn’t want the let down. 

The book was given to my by an Aikido teacher who also taught Judo.  I wasn’t swimming at the time.  Actually I never was going to get wet like that again and didn’t until I turned 36.

It is about a gymnast, Dan Millman who is a UC Berkeley student.  Accident happens and his Olympic dream is over.  He meets the owner of a gas station “Socrates” and his daughter.  Socrates trains him in a way he has never experienced before.  I’m not going to say anymore….   

The book for me at the time I read it was about not ‘future-tripping’ living in the moment and enjoying the process.  It taught me to enjoy lining up every domino whether it was work or sport as the ‘moment,’ each day, each project, each workout.  It was about ‘being present in your own life.’  You know back to the concept of ‘life is a journey not a destination.’ 


Well with what I have planned this year and with all the changes, it is maybe time I watched the movie for real.  It seams to be a very good representation of the book and its concepts.  It is also time I re-read the book and see what I get out of it, now tempered with age and the fact that I’m swimming again.  Even if I only get what I got in my mid twenties that will be enough.



I'm watching Napoleon Dynamite. Have you ever watched the movie? It's all about us nerds.

I miss you. When will you be back here to visit us?




Hi Laura,

I went to the library to get The Peaceful Warrior, but they didn't have a copy. Found it in my stocking yesterday - 9 books altogether - Merry x-mas. I'm reading it now, and surprised that it is set in Berkeley.

take care,

Paul S


I hope you really enjoy it. Dan Millman is a person that lives around Berkely. It is an interesting read for many reasons...

Let me know and Merry Christmas...