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Two weeks...


Last weekend, Thanksgiving:


I spent a lot of time swimming in the pool and the ocean and taking care of a sick schnauzer.  I did part two of the killer quad, 50x100s, three times over the weekend.  I was in the ocean in 47 degree water for two swims a day, short but lengthening them a little each time until I was in an hour.  Man, does the sun make a large difference even if the air is cooler, it is just mental but it ‘is what it is.’    

The pup is slowly getting back to normal foods, according to her and her behavior, she is just fine….


On Sunday, I let the two dawgs back in the house after a wrestling session and got Boo’s paws cleaned off.  The little one evaded me and ran up the stairs to drink out of the big white bowl.  Or so I thought…. 

I follow her upstairs just in time to see her dart out of the newly cleaned bathroom leaving muddy foot prints in her wake, black muddy foot prints.  Took a quick glance in the bathroom and wouldn’t you know it, she decided to wash her feet in the big white bowl.  It was now a big black bowl with mud all over the floor and the hall.  Having had given them baths a week before there were no towels at hand.  They were all in the washing machine.  I locked her in and went to grab a towel while she proceeded to paint the back of the door with her paws.  I had two choices, laugh or kill her…  This was the funniest thing I had seen out of her in a while, so she lives to be a terror another day.


Now to this weekend:


Took Saturday off after having a roto-rooter on the Achilles again….  Didn’t swim, just was a vegetable, I think a rutabaga.  I really want this ankle to heal and correctly and all I keep hearing is patience.  I’m out of patience. 

I did head over to the church behind the house for the holiday bazaar.  When I moved I only brought what fit in the truck so all holiday decorations, etc are in San Jose in storage.  I got a cool plaque for the dogs that said ‘Dear Santa, Leave the presents  take the cat.’  Now we don’t actually have a cat but the dawgs appreciated the sentiment.  I picked up some Santa candle holders and a piece for the mantle, some other holiday nick-nacks,  and two warm hats.  I also have this snowman thing going on, I found a few at the dollar store last week along with stockings for the dawgs.  Between the dollar store and the church bazaar, the prices have been amazing for the things I picked up.  I also spent some time talking to the resident priest, he stirred up some things to think about...



On Sunday we got our first snowfall, I went for a quick 45 minutes in the 46 degree water just to see how it felt.  It was very cool swimming with the snow flakes falling and disappearing when they connected with the water.


I was back in the pool on Sunday for one long session of 6 flat tops which for those of you who don’t know is a set of (100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100).  The two 500s make it a flat top…  I finished off with 4x400 IMs.  Yep, could have done these first but doing them at the end when I’m exhausted is better, there is much more colorful language this way also. 


I was going to go to bed early but got caught in a Hallmark movie, it was a good one so I stayed up to the end.  Got woken by the pup at 3:00 AM, she didn’t have to go out.  She just needed a place to ‘toss her cookies.’  Next time I hope it isn’t on me and the quilt!  But she could have got the wallet, iPod, token, phone. 
And if I hadn’t put the computer on the floor so that I wouldn’t forget it, it would have been in the direct line of fire…. 

After putting everything in the washer and letting the dogs out, I took some time to be thankful for what wasn’t hit by the puke at 3:00 AM…..   I now understand the predicament of new parents and they have my sympathy.  I wish them all the sleep they can get.

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