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Old memories...

My Mom sent a box with bills (yeah) and magazines and some cookie recipes that I asked for.  I'm making them for neighbors, the kennel, postman, etc... 

She also enclosed an envelope that had in it a card my Grams sent to me a very long time ago.  Grams has been gone for 10 years now but I still miss her.  I loved to bake and the memories I have that are most clear about my Grams' home are of the garden, the kitchen, and the basement. 

Everytime you went to Grams no matter what time of year, she would have Applesauce Raisin Cake.  She always had either Hot Coco or sodas (from the basement) depending upon the time of year. 

Her garden was her canvas as an artist, visually and herb wise.  She painted when she was younger but I really remember the garden, it's beauty and all the lessons she taught me out there working in the soil. 

When I was about 6, she sent me this card for Valentines Day that had a 'sweetheart sugar cookie recipe' for me to make.  Mom helped me that year and we made them together until I was 8.  Then I was on my own to make them. 

That is the card my Mom found and sent with the recipes...  So maybe those sugar cookies aren't just for Valentines Day anymore, huh Gram?
Tags: canvases, cookies, gardens, grandmothers

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