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Winter Break

I know I’ve been away, sorry to my 3 readers (me, myself and I) but I’m back. 



It has been busy with work so training after January was a lot more sporadic than I like.  It may just be that the little grey prison holds less attraction for me than a lake or ocean.  But it appears that I have survived my first northeastern winter little worse for wear but with no love for the many forms of ice that accumulate on the sidewalk, stairs, driveway, roads…  At one time I swear it looked like my vehicle was parked in the middle of an outdoor hockey rink.  Now I like cold water but that stuff is too hard and I’m getting to old to bounce like I used to.  The older dawg shares my views on this but the puppy, nothing stops her.  


She runs, slides, and bounces like a Tigger!  And snow was made for the Whoo-baby.  It is Disneyland for Whoo-bys!  Snow is her favorite form of water with rain coming a far second.  Rolling, attacking, eating and tearing up snow seem tailor made activities for a young giant schnauzer.  But alas, it is spring and she must do with the sun and rain, but she loves puddles much like a five year old.  She will jump in them and then out of them trying to make the biggest splash she can.

She exhibits such joy in the world that you can’t help but laugh at her antics and get out the towel.

I have finally started to get around to entering events for this season.  In case you didn’t know I sometimes will enter the event I want to do and a back up event for the same day.  This is because in this fickle sport there are many variables, boats, support crew, economy and work.  The economy and work variables are the ones I wish I didn’t have to deal with but ‘welcome to the world of being an adult.’  The other issues come with trying to find boats, pilots, and crew in far away places.  It is isn’t as easy as it seems, some swims require the use of a rowboat, just finding someone who wants to row a boat for 11-13 hours is a miracle much less anyone who wants to just be in the boat for that long tossing me food every half hour…  We will see what the year brings, my second choices are just shorter events that I wish were on different weekends so I could swim them all.


Well being spring via the calendar if not always by the weather, the ocean has begun its slow climb in temperature.  A week ago, I was hoping for 42 degrees and now I’m looking for 45.  Alright, so once it starts it really does heat up quick but being the inevitable clock watcher, it feels slow.  And there is the air temperature to consider, low 40’s in the water are easier to take with high 60’s+ out of it.  Unfortunately most days are more of a 40/45 mix with cold winds to top it off.  But I keep telling myself that it wasn’t more than a few weeks ago that a warm day was one above 32.  I also have the daffodils that are growing almost ready to bloom to remind me that Mother Nature hasn’t forgotten to warm the world up for Summer.

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