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Homesick and new home…

I have to confess, I’m really homesick right now.  Mostly it is because of all the activity that goes on around this time of year at the South End Rowing Club.  The Five Coves of Death’ swim is held every year on May 5th, Cinco de Mayo.  This is the first year I have missed it entirely.  As was told, there were 30 swimmers, great support and a good meal afterwards this year.  I’m just waiting for pictures to further cement the homesickness.

But at the same time that I’m homesick for the Bay Area, I love the feeling of home here.  It is amazing the quick change of seasons. Each week brings a darker pink fruit tree into bloom, new flowers and the different shades of green that are starting to mark the trees on the way to work are amazing.  Things are fresh and new after a long winter.  The town is waking up as well.  Gardens are being planted, kids playing in the street.  On the beach, people are walking, running, skating, biking, flying kites with only the odd blond swimming in the cold water.  The softball and baseball teams are out practicing, be they little league or the town adult leagues.  And best of all, the Fish and Lobster shop opened up for the season last Friday, May 1st.  Now I can support the local fishing folk by buying down the street and the lobster rolls are amazing! 

I drive by the Charles on the way to work and the rowers are out on the water, something that was missing when the ice was present.  I'm looking into community rowing for lessons.  It seems to call to me much like Open Water swimming, the isolation of yourself and the water.

We even had a day of almost 90 degree weather! 

And so the water is warming up; it is usually between 48 and 50 now.  I swam 3 x 2 hours on Saturday and the same on Sunday.  I also added an extra hour Sunday evening because I felt like a wuss and there was still sun to be had.  I also must confess I saw the forecast for rain this week as an added motivator.  I will be glad when the lobster fishermen set their traps up around the Chimney’s (rocks in the middle of my cove).  I don’t beach myself at high tide so much because the buoys are great for sighting.

On the dawg front, I’m not sure I have dawgs but know I have pigs.  Boo-Dawg ate 3 lbs of Strawberries on Tues night while I was fighting a migraine (you know she didn’t share with Whoo-by or me).  She probably would have eaten the Tangelo but it is hard to peel them without thumbs.  So on Wednesday not to be out done, the Whoo-by ate the brussel sprouts I was saving for a stir-fry.  I know that Boo had a couple also.  Now I have to make sure they can’t get into the fruit and veggies, not just the meat, fish, chips, etc.  It is like kid proofing your house but these two are smarter than the average toddler.

They are stomachs with four legs!

I’ll leave you with this gorgeous picture of short beach at sunset.

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