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Shewee, yep it is for real...

 Now for the best item I have heard about lately, it is the ‘Shewee’ so any woman who has felt the urge to go on the road and like the guys, can.  And yes there is a website….

My favorite pages are the ‘how to shewee’ and ‘when to shewee.’  Yep, you can’t make this stuff up.  It comes with instructions to aim away from the feet and suggests that you practice in the shower.  Do men come with those types of instructions or just nagging Mothers who get tired of cleaning up after short attention spans?

Best of all it has uses in the world of sport, especially long distance cycling (try practicing that in the shower on your bike), marathon running, triathlon and biathlon (with enough practice can I write my name in the snow?) and of course scuba diving, huh?  It is supposed to 'help you maintain your fluid levels easily.'

I was of course as is the case of my one track mind, trying to figure out the applications for marathon swimming.  Unfortunately I don’t see many because the fish don’t complain in the first place, and we do 'go' on long swims.  Let's be realistic, if you aren't 'going' your aren't taking in enough fluids or are too cold or too hot.  But needing a 'She Wee?'  Yelling to your boat, 'can you pass the Shewee with my next feed?  Yes, it is that hot pink funnel thing!'  Somehow I think it wouldn't fly or I would drown from laughter.....    

Tags: humor, innovation, running, swimming

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