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Lost in the space between my ears

Now that I have whittled my readers down to 5 again (me, myself and I and the two schnauzers), I think it is time to be active again.  Not that I really have anything to say really most of the time.  It is just life as it happens.  I did enter a swim next month

It is a fairly short one by my standards, only >7 miles but a cold one and if the weather acts up, an ugly one.  Last time I did it people were fairly shocked that I was faster when the wind came ripping down, not a surprise for me…   Texture is my friend, it livens things up.

My friends have done some amazing swims this year and I’m feeling at odds ends.  One finished a two way channel in force 5 winds, an amazing feat on a good 24 hours but amazing due to conditions.  A couple of others finished a full channel.   One is swimming 3 Lochs in 48 hours and there have been a number of Catalina swims.  Another swam Tahoe and one did a unique Tahoe, a 17 hour ‘L’ shaped course.   And I can’t tell my head from my arse most days. 

I want to just blame work or lack thereof and uncertainties of life but I’m not so sure.  It has to do with that concept of balance that I’m so bad at.  I couldn’t figure out how to balance my life living with my parents and I’m not sure I’m any better on my own.  I always feel I’m just running in place to find the back of the pack.  You can’t run your own race that way. Well, I have a lot of thinking to do….

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