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Thoughts on Teams....

Last year I spent time doing the killer quad that my home team does in order not to feel so alone. This year I emailed
my old coach to let him know I had found a pool that was open Thanksgiving morning so I could do the 50x100s the same day.
He wrote back 'good to hear you remember your old team' end of message. Somehow not the response I expected especially since I'm registered with them again this year....but the coach doesn't take time to look at those things....

So am I being unreasonable? I do expect that a team cares about their members when they show up, don't show up or even move away but take the time to stay in contact...

I haven't found that here and maybe I never had it at home.

At United States Masters Swimming convention, the question was 'how to meet our members needs' at a team and national level.

I have a few answers:
Be a team and encourage people to care and get to know one another in their lane and beyond.
Be interested in your 'odd swimmers,' the ones that swim long OW, just lap swim, come for the social aspect, etc.
Have the social events that help form a team, even if it is a beer after workout once in awhile.
Encourage team participation in events, meets, OW, or just a fun Saturday workout event.
If a member moves away and takes time to stay in contact write more than a 'generic sentence' that doesn't address the email.
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