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December 2017



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Math, music and mornings...

There has been a lot of talk about math, swimming, music, etc....

So I thought I would incorporate it into my day this morning...

I woke up with 1 huge allergy/sinus headache and figured that 1 frontal lobotomy wouldn't fix it.

I have 2 giant schnauzers that needed to go out or I would have 1 massive mess.

So I took 2 Nyquil for 4 hours of doped sleep and instantly became the rest of the 7 Dwarves.
I was already Sneezy, Itchy, Scratchy, and Grumpy - I added Sleepy, Dopey and Doc

I counted snow flakes from the butt end of the storm and realized that I wouldn't have to shovel 18-24 inches (Oh, the weather man last night helped with this)

And when I finally got up, I tried to put 2 legs into 1 leg hole in my sweats (that division doesn't work) and my hoodie on backwards (subtraction?) I guess so I could keep things in the hood handy.. - did I tell you that 2 Nyquil make me Dopey????

I had 3 cups of coffee to fight off the effects of the Nyquil and fixed 2 bowls of dog breakfast, then I had 1 yogurt for human breakfast...
I then got all 3 of us in the truck, 2 schnauzers and me and went to the pool where the 'music' took over....

99 bottles of beer on the wall in 7 languages 3x each..plus 1 real workout...

After my swim, jacuzzi and stay in the steam room, I could breathe... Infinitely amazing ( I don't have enough fingers to count this)...

So is there a moral to my story or even a point, probably not.... just remember that even on days that you don't want to swim, if you aren't having fun.. rethink the equation..