September 22nd, 2010


working on a plan....

I have found out that I don't train well or consistently without a plan and embedded in that plan a set of goals.  Who would have thunk?  Me, goal oriented?, really?

So I'm working on a set of of 'mini goals' to get me to my new 'far reaching' goals.  There is at least one meet in October with short events, and one in Nov with a 200 fly, exciting huh?  But it they will get me to my 'mini goal' of a 200 meter fly, 400 IM, 1500 Free, 800 Free and something else in December plus short course Meters Champs...

I did 75's IM last night, I know I can do a 100 Back, Free, Breast (watching the grass grow here)... but the Fly is still up in the air, remember that mini goal - 200 Fly, meters with 7 turns in Dec. not once but twice.  That is a problem.... so continue to watch here for progress on my one pronged 'long goal' of Worlds in 2012.

The other prong will take shape during the off season, sorry but you have to wait, the only news is that it is 'cold ugly water.'