October 16th, 2011


Dreams, the sleep variety...

It has been a long time since I swam in my dreams.  I have lots of dreams around bodies of water, pools etc but they are always pre or post swim in the dream.  

Last night one day I swam the most amazing 200 fly, strong and effortless and I didn't pick up a Steinway in the last 50 meters.  I actually was exhausted but not wiped after I got out of the pool.  The walls were quick and there was no holding on the walls.  It was a gorgeous race even though my vision was that what I could see swimming.  No peeking to the left or right. Just my race and not worried about anyone else in the heat.

The next day (in my dream) I swam a 1500 that I haven't swam in real life for years.  It was strong, long and building every 200 meters.  The turns were effortless and gorgeous streamlines a kick off the walls.  I did have to adjust the first streamline took me deeper than I wanted.  The strokes moved the maximum amount of water per stroke.  The kick was hard to and off the walls and a two to four beat kick in the middle of the laps.   It was a zen swim in my sleep and I didn't want to awaken....  

But now that I'm up it is time to get it done in the daylight both the free and the fly with a lot of practice....

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