August 19th, 2017


Some days the lobster buoys are faster than you.

Went to swim a second race today.  It was overcast and cool, matched my temperament this morning.  I checked in and got ready.  I as always have to get wet first. I hate entering water that I don’t know how cold it is and I don’t mean knowing the temperature which was 63 today.  It means getting wet.

The youngsters swam their 500 and I got ready for my 1.2 mile.

The race began and within 4 strokes I was immediately a whining baby in my head.  It was cold.  I thought of pulling for a moment but could hear my Dad in my head saying “you always say it gets better Laura” so I pushed on. The water warmed up about 100 meters from shore.  I set off about mid-pack.

And then about 500 in there was a woman standing in the water. Her wetsuit gave her enough bouency to just stand there. Every the lifeguard, I stopped to ask her if she was OK.  She had that look that said no and wasn’t talking.  I accompanied her over to a paddleboard and made sure she could speak and was going back to shore.  Then I took off again, now DFL (dead fast last) but OK with my decision to make sure she was OK.

Slow and steadily I started to pick off swimmers as I swam.  The water was warming the further we got from shore.  There were cold spots but they were nice.  And yes what goes up must come down, I figured the temps would drop closer to shore.

A couple of times I saw what I thought was a swimmer catching me over my shoulder.  My mind said ‘where they heck did they come from’.  It was a lobster buoy and it felt like they were moving faster than me.  Hence the name of this post.

I have been working to open up my hips and relax the piriformis muscle but not enough apparently. It hurt for some of the swim.  It feels like a softball is in your buttocks which makes kicking a little uneven to say the least.  On the other hand my shoulder the deltoid on the right shoulder is extremely tight. And I have been trying to stretch it out to loosen it and I was aware of it but not really pain.

I kept swimming, chasing down one swimmer at a time and rounding race buoy and finding the darned lobster buoys that didn’t even enter the race that were chasing me. Back to the middle of the pack.

I rounded the last buoy and there was the shore just 39 feet ahead, Swam my body in as far as I can and beached.  I headed up and Chuck met me at the finish.  It made the finish a lot easier.  Thank you Chuck very much.

I did take the time to gather a few shells for my first ‘ocean race’ in awhile.  It was hard not having anyone to call.  I knew this would be hard.

So here goes “Dad, I’m in.  Yes, it was OK.  I wanted to bail the first 25 yards but I heard your voice in my head that ‘it would get better.’ It did get better.  I swear the lobster buoys were chasing me.  Sorry Dad, no lobsters for dinner, the lobstermen don’t find that funny at all.  Yes, I have to work on speed now.  I love you Dad, take care of Eric.”
It isn't the same but it helps.