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Working out and some amazing kids...

Well, I have been working out regularly in a pool (cement prison) that is 84 degrees F.  By the end of my work out I usually feel like a cooked noodle and sometimes my stomach feels like it has been tumbling in the dryer for a few cycles.  The water near shore is only 44 degrees F but I am seriously thinking of taking a dip, that is if the weather would clear for an entire week.  The runoff from the rivers is not a healthy swimming environment.  I have also started running, well walking and jogging into running.  Last week it was 60/60, 60 seconds walking and 60 seconds running.  Tonight I managed 90/60s that were at a faster pace for both.  It isn't much but enough of a bump to be exciting for me.  Now if I can figure out how to manage the swimming, weights, running and cycling, I will be golden.

Now for the cool news.  The last few weeks on Tuesday evening the pool has been inundated with high school kids that are taking a conditioning course before their lifeguarding course.   The last two weeks they have been doing their 500 swim.  I have been being head cheer leader and counter at times.  Some of these kids couldn't swim a stroke a few months ago and are completing the 500 in nice time with a nice pace.  It has been a really good experience.  My faith in today's youth is being reinvigorated.  These kids are nice, polite and working hard in the pool.  
Tags: cement prisons, hot pools, kids

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