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Back but with a vengeance, that is to be determined....

Well I have spent another summer watching all the swimming from the sidelines both pool and open water.  The one thing that is clear is I hate it!  Don't get me wrong, I'm pulling for my friends, their dreams and successes but I'm tired of being totally on the sidelines for all the action.  Yes there is action even in Marathon swimming, it may be like watching the grass grow for most people but I like when it gets mowed!

So I'm back in the water with two opposite goals, one is World Masters Championships in Riccione 2012 and the other involves ugly cold water which may or may not be jelly infested.  So I'm back in the pool and the ocean for some hard core training.  Will pick up the weights this week to augment the core.  And I'm looking forward to running again when my knee is healed enough for that extra boost of endurance.

With hard work and some luck, I will be off the sidelines this coming year and in the water also!
Tags: decisions, swimming, training

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