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Another day, another workout...

It is funny, the later it gets in the day the more excuses I have to not go workout in the pool or anywhere else for that matter.  I was a crank all day, very funny but a crank non-the-less.  By tonight everything hurt, knee, Achilles, shoulder, hip, and it was ugly pain the kind that just irritates your mood more.  

So I finally had that 'Laura you have to go workout or you throw all your good intentions yesterday out the window' talk with myself.  I get to the pool and the showers and restrooms are closed, more excuses if I let them stand.  I got in and did a fairly long workout, the more I swam the better I felt except for the shoulder that was boiling in the 84 degree water but I figured on that.  

I did a long warm up, a long kick set with zoomers to settle the legs, skipped the paddles on the pull set (no use asking for trouble), an IM set, set of  descending 200s and a set of sprint 100s and a long warm down set.  

I really paid attention to my turns and streamlines not being lazy.  I was surprised how lax I had let them get when I noticed it last night.  As a vertically challenged swimmer my starts and walls have to be faster and more explosive than anyone else's in the pool so I don't lose distance on those not vertically challenged or just gargantuan.

Out of the water and my mood was improved so much the dawgs actually wanted me to talk to them and pet them and everything stopped hurting except the shoulder and it wasn't as bad as earlier today.  I didn't feel the need to look into amputation tonight.  So here I am with a frozen bag of peas on my shoulder wondering why it took me so long to kick myself in the arse and go swim?  I could have felt better earlier in the day and not been such a crank.  

I still think I need a team where I'm not the fastest in the pool and I'm accountable for workouts at set times in addition to my own training.  It might be easier to kick my own arse that way.

Either way, tonight was a total win, no excuses that stuck and a lot of quality swimming.  This will be a day by day challenge until it becomes a habit.
Tags: consistence, kicking self arse, no lazy turns and walls

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