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Short days and long Zen swims

I love this time of year with the exception of the shorter days.  The kids are back in school, the days cooler, the beaches are more solitary and the water is not crowded.  I can leave the pups in the open car with not a worry about the heat.  They love the back window being open because they can bark at me, the squirrels and the gulls when they sight me or the animal life.  Today I went for a long swim in the ocean, it was solitary and calming.  The water was gorgeous and clear with only the barking and gulls crying crowding out the soft noises of the waves. It is easy to hear the water as you  roll to breath out of the water and back in, every stroke even and steady.  The occasional rays of sun as it peeks through the clouds strikes into the depths of the ocean illuminating the colors of the water.  All of this calms my mind and sends it to a Zen state, sometimes more deep then other times.  A lot of the work in the past couple of weeks has been speed, longer distances in the same time but today wasn't about that.   It was just freedom from walls, turns, streamlines, etc.  It was about smooth, strong and even strokes, the feeling of neutral gravity and just moving strongly through the water.  And then a deep Zen experience where the water, nature and the stroke become all there is, I'm on the outside at peace watching everything just work together efficiently and in synchronicity.  The outside world just falls away as everything becomes both narrow in focus and extremely expansive at the same time.  All that matters is the water and the feeling of a good swim with strong effort.  It is an amazing state that comes in various levels but rarely like today.  
Tags: long swims, peace., zen swimming

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