Channelswim (channelswim) wrote,

Trail 5k

Well, I did my second official 5K. It was the Castle Rock 5K, come to find out later it is one of the hardest trail runs. One of my coaches/friends told me that after I was done. I only fell 3.5 times, hands, knees and feet dirty, but I didn't fall off the mountain or hit my head. So, all in all, I consider the entire thing a success. I finished the course, got the shirt, had a great time with my niece during a wog (walk with some jogging) next time maybe I'll graduate to a jalk (jogging with some walking). Both of us were listing to music, enjoying the scenery and smells, cheering on the fast folks. It was an out an back course. Oh, and if you fall into a hill, it is only falling .5 times..... The balance will come back and I'm beginning to believe it.
So next weekend, it will be a swim, swim, maybe swim and 10K city course weekend. The over-all goal with the run/walks is to be in the best shape possible for next summer. I would really like to do the 'when pigs fly' 1/2 marathon in Cincinatti but that is a while away. Isn't it a great name? The other goal is to bond with my niece, she is almost 15 and I'm not sure that she is going to want to hang with the Aunt for very long. I'm hoping to get the little one involved during Xmas time.

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