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Double Workouts

Well it is the end of day three of double workouts and I'm not sure where I hurt more.  It is easier to say what doesn't hurt and then the bottom of my foot got a cramp.  Oh, well, so much for that thought.  

Well as they say 'no pain, no gain' and I have a lot of lengths of continuous fly to gain so you do the math.  There is lots of IM and long free in these workouts.

I have also done all days with no nap in the afternoon so I was able to sleep last night of course the tricky part is getting the dawgs to sleep all night also...  They went to day-care two of days and that does help, tired schnauzers are good schnauzers.

So next week we add in the weights, slowly and steadily.

I'm properly chlorinated and ready for the next week...
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