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Best Laid Plans...

Well a good plan for me has always had a 'plan B' and it appears I may need it.  Life does tend to bend our plans.  

I had these nice meets set out for the next month and it appears that one may be cancelled, another I have a visitor that day and the third may not happen either...  

But I'm flexible to a degree, I have found 2 meets. One is on Saturday in the PM in another state and the second is the AM in yet another state.  Now both have the 200 fly which is a plus because only one of the others had one.  

So right now it is 'drop 'twiddle-dee-dee' and 'twiddle-dee-dum' (the dawgs) on Saturday morning and drive to meet one in another state; swim, drive to a hotel by meet two in yet another state, spend the night, swim meet two on Sunday; and drive back home; pick up the dawgs on Monday due to sheer exhaustion!!
Mine not theirs...

Can I do two 200 fly by Early November?  That is the question, one is 25 meters, the other is 25 yards.  But both are 8 laps, 7 turns (read this as walls to hang on) and back to back (will be ugly) but if I take them one lap at a time.... OK this will take some work no matter how I look at it.  The good news is I could finish a 200 meter fly one month before the So Cal meet.  

Got to keep thinking about this idea, it has promise.
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