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Well, we might be up to plan 'D' now...

This weekend was the weekend I was going to do a road trip to two meets but finances have become tighter.  So plan C was I was going to drive the dogs up to one meet but the tank of gas and $30 meet entry are a gamble.  I either will land one of two jobs in the next few weeks or lose my UI benefits.  So it is a gamble I can't take tomorrow.  

So my plan 'D' is - I'm going to hold my own time trials this weekend so I have times to enter the LB and BU meet in December.  At worst they will be a little slower than I could do with competition but still fairly accurate for this weekend. So tomorrow I am swimming part of my races, Sunday another set of them and if needed the rest on Monday!  On Tuesday I may die or nap like I am sleeping beauty, but unfortunately the looks aren't there and the schnauzers are ugly princes....

And I'm going to try and arrange a similar thing next weekend for anyone who needs BU times.  I'm hoping to corral two lanes for a 'mini meet' and a few of the guards as timers.  I can't be the only one in this position.  I know I have some swimmers scared to swim in front of what my masters call 'real swimmers.'  Which you and I know is malarkey but swimming is supposed to be fun and comfortable, so why not. We could also do some time trials for a few of the youth team members.  

Confidence is built it doesn't just appear.

Tags: creating your destiny, running out of letters, time trials

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