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December 2017



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Conundrums, etc

 Well it is that time again, the time of decision making. I am exactly one year away from World Championships in Riccione, Italy and lusting after long open water swims. So I need to figure out how to train for both pool swimming (800/400 Free, 200 Fly/Back, 400 IM) and a 3K as well as some real distance, you know the ones measured in time or miles…..

So there is more to the juggling than just open water or pool swimming, free or fly, etc… I have lost weight this year and am trying to get to a competing (pool) weight. Juggling nutrition and appropriate food portions for training and losing weight are in the equation. I’m also on the road some of the time so training and eating on the road is a unique challenge all by itself. I have become very adept at keeping track of portions and calories almost to the point of being OCD, got to watch that trait. It is good in small doses.

It is also a time for commitment, making not being committed. That has been the tough one with all the turmoil and changes in my life these last few years. For the first time in a long time, I am neither injured nor recovering from an injury so the commitment should be easy right? But it isn’t, my life has been moving, new jobs, in between jobs, etc. for so long it is going to take some small victories before I get to be a commitment-phile rather than a commitment-phobe.
I figure any weights or running will work for both types of swimming and if I get my bike a tune-up, ditto goes for that. I need to run distance for endurance and sprints for speed. Weights, especially making sure my core back and abs are solid will help any swimming. Now it is dividing up the workouts so that some concentrate on open water and real distance and others concentrate on the pool races and all are about technique.

And of course there is the work and training balance, add into that some school and we have quite the conundrum that is best solved one puzzle at a time.


No matter what you end up choosing to do, know you've got my support behind you! :)