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Musing and plotting

 So I’m still mulling training ideas and have kind of come up with a plan at least for Summer to Late Fall. This summer is strength, endurance, technique and open water focused. All of which will serve me well when I really return to pool for speed increases during the Fall/Winter time frame.

I figure I will peak first for the meet in Long Beach early December and be prepared to back-to-back some of my most intense events. Last year they offered the 400 Free, 200 Fly, and 400 IM on the same day. I absolutely know that some sprinter set the event schedule, no distance swimmer is that masochistic, well maybe for enough money….

So hopefully I can pull some good baselines before that meet. Oh well, part of my training is ‘getting adequate sleep’ so I’m off to bed…
Tags: meets, swimming, training

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