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Sometimes a swim is a spiritual thing....

 Today as one of those day in which everything and everyone was frustrating by everything I probably mean mostly myself. I went out to swim just for my sanity. I was headed to the pool when the lowering sun caught my eye.
The water was so calm after last night’s storms and the sky looked ripe for a beautiful sunset. I turned the car around and headed to my beach. After a car change, I was ready for the water.

The water and air was calm and peaceful and my mind soon followed the path. Every stroke was a gentle push toward slower paced thoughts and a gentler frame of mine. Just the reach, stroke, breathe, reach, stroke, breath, reach, stroke, breath set the rhythm for a moving meditation that was needed desperately.

As I swam and pacified my consciousness the sun turned red at the horizon and the colors just flowed into the hemisphere. I could see them , slowly wrapping around the edges of the air as I saw  water, air, water, sight, water, air, water, sight, water, air, restoring the balance that had been missing all day.

The slow spread of colors also helps soften my thoughts and feelings, like the salt water, slowly rubbing off the rough edges from my frustration and lack of patience…

I swam until the sun disappeared and most of the colors had faded except in my head where they are still doing the work that is needed.   Hopefully tomorrow morning will bring another 'moving meditation' session.
Tags: gentleness, patience, spiritual, swimming, therapy

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