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December 2017



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run wild and other musings

Well last Sunday the niece and I finished the 10K portion of the Run Wild! in San Francisco. One blister and two sore Achilles tendons and one T-shirt later, I know I can do a 10K at least on the road. We will try the trail next weekend. Swam in the bay for an hour after the run.
But in the aftermath, it is kind of weird. I have two friends that won't run because they won't win. What is up with that? I'm not going to even be in the race actually, but as long as I do better than last time... This time it meant running more of the first 5K then I have before and doing my best for the day. If I do that I'm happy. If I follow the example of only doing what I'm great at, I probably wouldn't try anything. I'm not a great swimmer but I do what I is a passion and work hard and don't quit. I'm not a runner but the goal is to be healthy and have fun. In the past I've won races where I have not done my best, I've done my best and not won. There have been times that I have done both and it was never enough for those I swam for. So, if I'm doing what I love and giving it my best every given day, I'm living life not watching it. I think I would rather enjoy the journey not the destination be it in the water, biped or anything else I dream up. Waiting until I'm 'good enough' is not an option, because it is such a subjective term and really not an achievable goal. So for those that want to wait on the sidelines, enjoy. I'm playing.


Hey! Good to see you posting.