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December 2017



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Life Marches On… Thank God for Water

These last few months have been really tough.  My Parents’ health is failing, my Dad had a stroke and my Mom is not coping well.  Dad is on his 4th hospital admit in 5 months, this time for pneumonia. 

My brother has been amazing in taking care of things back there while I am working and trying to send some home to help at the same time I’m rebuilding my finances after a few really rocky years.  My sister has been great at making sure Dad gets his medicine at the right time and shuttling to and from the Doctor appointments that my Brother can’t make.

To all of this add a move, a newish job I’m working at loving and making real progress there, two demanding pups and their social lives as therapy dogs and doing most of it alone…. 

So what does this have to do with swimming because most things do in my little world.

I have been blessed to have the water, be it the ocean or the cement prison at the Y to help remove the stresses and feelings of guilt that arise, to fight against when I’m in that kind of a mood, to move it beneath and around me on good days.  It serves to stretch the muscles and lungs, to help the mind take a break and to ease the emotions. 

It is the one medium that I feel is solely mine much to the Pups discontent at times.  One pup would love to join me and the other would run for the hills.  But be it a hard workout, a short set of sprints or a long swim for pace and conditioning, stroke work, etc.. the water creates what I need to take a break from the ‘inevitable marching of time.’   

And to add to all of that in two years I will turn a half century, swimming well in times and distance for half my age is my goal.