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Just a quick swim and a lesson.

Yesterday I went for a lunch time swim because the document I was writing wasn’t taking form.  It was part writer’s block' and part ‘I don’t want to do this.’  I did a quick 2 miles which may be the shortest swim I’ve had in about a month. 

I have been really working on body rotation to ease the shoulder strain.  The more I rotate the less chance that I catch my left shoulder on the recovery.  My issue isn’t with the pull but on the recovery part of the stroke. 

I was so good through the January Jam and then yesterday’s first lap, I reverted to my old stroke and found instant pain.  I think sometimes I just am so hard headed I have to try behaviors I know won’t work again just to make sure.  The painful stroke lasted less than a lap and I was back to what works for a quick two miles.

I hope I’m that fast backing out of other behaviors I’m trying to shed because we all know this isn’t just a pool thing.  I do believe for me, changing behaviors always means trying the old one that didn’t work but if I can stop quickly I can get back on the new track and out of the old rut.

And yes, I got back to that document and am making progress.

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