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A little humble pie….

Just when I thought it was going to be smooth sailing because all injuries were behind me, it hits.  My lower back gets injured during a run with the dogs.  Sunday was just thankfulness that I wasn’t traveling this week and a desperate search for a Chiropractor because I knew it wasn’t good.  Monday wasn’t much better but I did find a Chiropractor who would see me on Tues. 

Now for the double whammy, my insurance which covers Chiropractor, really doesn’t because they won’t cover the X-rays, any therapy, and only 12 visits.  If you use those 12 visits during the time you are paying your annual deductible then you are out of luck.  Got to love the ways Insurance finds not to pay for much. 

But what does an MD give me over a Chiropractor, higher bills, pain pills and muscle relaxants which just mask the pain but not much else.  So I will pay for the Chiropractor because I feel that I will be back swimming full force sooner with a number of adjustments and it is the smart move for me.

Now for the biggest adjustment, my training will have to be modified for a while.  I can swim but he said ‘no kicking’ <insert snicker here>.  I’m a long distance swimmer, we barely move our legs.  But no weights, running, Aikido for a few weeks until we have some results.

So it is time to concentrate on ‘form over function’ and make sure the changes in my stroke are giving me the results I want which is no shoulder pain.  That my new stroke is strong, long and sustainable.  So swimming is in as long as I’m smart about it.  Short walks, etc. are in, as is stretching and ice.  So I can modify my training a little and use the time wisely, it will be smart training this February.

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