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December 2017



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Santa Barabara Channel - 1 week out

This time next weekend, we will be swimming in daylight; from Santa Rosa Island to the Santa Barbara Coast.... Six relay members, 1 hour each swim, same rotation for 30+ miles. Yep, it will be December 1st to the 2nd with 3 South End members and 3 So Cal members. It looks to be a fun swim and easier on my Achilles tendon than a full 3 days at So Cal Championships....

I'm really looking forward to it.


Santa Barbara

I am training for a 10-mile Pier to Pier swim on September 21st, in Santa Barbara. The swim is from Goleta Pier to Sterns Pier. Do you know Emilio from the Oceanducks in Santa Barbara? I have done two practice swims with the Oceanducks, in preparation for the 10-mile event. The Oceanducks are a wonderful group of people and Emilio is so supportive of my goals.

I live in Phoenix, so it is a little hard to do much open water swimming :). My training is going great thus far. My weekly yardage is at 30,000 yards and my long straight swim is at 13,500 yards.

I read your past journal entries and it appears that you also do some running. I come from a running and triathlon background, but I have fallen in love with long distance swimming. I would love to chat with you more about your relay experience and your long distance swims.

Re: Santa Barbara

Hello and welcome to the world of the family of swimmers, we are the 'crazy aunts and uncles' that no one admits having in the tree...

I'm mostly a marathon swimmer, with the occasional pool meet social. Currently rehabbing an Achilles tendon (forever). You can also find me on facebook under my name. I'll try and put a link in, it is a hub for my online stuff, flickr and LJ....

I have a number of friends that swim with the same challenges that you are tackling and some that have related issues, RA, HIV, etc.... Auto immunes are such a wench.... But you can swim and do everything you want to, you just have to be responsible and more aware than the average lunatic ;-).

Phoenix does have a dearth of open water most of the year but there are some great 50 meter outdoor pools. Everything but the bay and Walden pond are indoor in the Boston area...

Emilio is fantastic, keep swimming with him when you are on the coast and use him for support. He is one the most positive swimmers/cheerleaders, etc that I have ever met. I'm so glad you are taking time to train with him, you are in capable hands. It sounds like your local coach is amazing also. You are doing all the right things.

Absolutely, whenever you want to talk, etc... I'll answer any questions you have...

Re: Santa Barbara

Thanks for commenting back!

I agree. Emilio and the entire Oceanducks group are great
cheerleaders for the sport of open water swimming. My coach is Anne Wilson, a Total Immersion senior coach and owner of Camelback Coaching, which she owns with her husband. Anne is also so supportive of my swimming...I love her pep talks near the end of my long swims and her "high fives" when I finish them each week.

I try to get out to the lakes nearby to swim, but it is hard to find someone to go with, especially during the week. I like Saguaro Lake and Bartlett Lake in Phoenix. Unfortunately, my husband is a runner and hiker and he isn't too keen with water sports. Although, he too, is very supportive of my swimming goals. I typically swim at Cactus Pool in Scottsdale.

I will definitely keep in touch.