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Concept of being good….

As a concept it is great but putting it into practice, not so much.   It meant another weekend of working out in a pool and skipping the meets.  I got the girls groomed on Saturday and swam while they were being ‘beautified.’  Even though I broke up the drive to and from the groomers to 45 minutes each leg, a total of 3 hours in the car took its toll on my back.  Swam to ease it on Saturday and made sure ice was my best friend.  The beautiful clean dogs were worth it. 

Today I spent time watching a world Judo tournament on  It helped me not get upset at the hospital when they dicked me around for 10 hours while I was trying to check on my Dad.  But I wanted to be on the mat so badly.  So while I enjoyed it, it was a perverse activity on one level.   

Finally I lost it and got tired of ‘being held captive’ by hospital.  I went to the Y, paid my Aikido dues even though it will be a few weeks until I can work out on the mat.  I swam in the pool instead.  I know what a boring post but ‘being good’ is a pain and not all that interesting.  The Senseis (Instructors) at Aikido were more than happy to adjust the workouts to my needs as my back gets stronger which make me know I have chosen the right Dojo.  I can’t this week but will see what the Chiropractor says if the rate of recovery stays stable during this week.  But I'm at the right Dojo to help me recover and not re-injure.

The pool was set up for 50 Meters, so 2 less turns open turns per 100 and ‘I love meters!’  Need I say more? 

It was a good workout with quick times for steady 100s with open turns and ‘no kicking’ (being good again…).  Times were about 1:15 each 100 on a 1:30 base with open turns, these were not supposed to be fast 100s but they turned out not to be slow. 

Also as an added benefit, there was an Adult Synchronized Swimming work out tonight.  It was great seeing these ladies around my age working on the moves.   They were trying so hard and their very young coach was encouraging and gentle.  It made my heart burst a little.  I love these little surprises that life has when you open your eyes to them.

So the concept of ‘being good’ is hard but I’m taking it day by day, and icing session by icing session…  It is working as I work on that elusive concept of ‘patience.’

So off to ice the back again..... and sleep. Night all.

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