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So tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent….

I’m a very lapsed Catholic which means we have differences of understanding.  I’m feeling not at odds with family but there are difficulties so maybe I will participate in my own way to honor my Grams which I do a couple of times a year.  She was such a good Irish Catholic with pagan tendencies. I try and make Church on Good Friday as well as Easter and Christmas each year.  Being raised Catholic, fish sticks, tuna sandwiches and salmon are regular Friday meals even if the Pope says you don’t have too. 

I’m not into giving things up right now, at my age you can run out of things to deny yourself or you don’t want to use it as a way to beat yourself up or both. 

I’m looking at it as 40 days of taking care of myself, body, mind and spirit.  I’m not totally sure what it will all mean but I do know recommitting to healthy eating, proper rest, exercise and hoping to lower the stress levels with some meditation are in the future for a 40 day experiment. 

So what I have figured out is: There will be long dog walks and dog loving sessions, lots of swimming and I’m going to join the team for the 40 days.  There will be gentle stretching until I can venture out into my other cross training activities such as weights, running and Aikido.  I also want to add in rock climbing, I’ve done it before and it has been good for all areas I’m trying to reach, body, mind and spirit.  Getting more serious about training and swimming is taking care of myself as long as I have fun doing it. 

I’ve been missing my creative outlets so there is some art or at least crocheting in the next 40 days.  I want to finish my Mother’s afghan and start my Dad’s blanket.   I haven’t crocheted since I moved but I was really enjoying it even if I’m not good at it.  There is also a shop that has a drop-in crochet and knitting group, that may help my ‘socialization’ or lack thereof that I’m concerned about.  There are also weekend art classes that I may take one or two of.  I would like to find a place to ‘throw clay’ also, it is fully satisfying when it hits the table with a resounding smack.  I’m not going to be able to do all of this but I would like to do some of it and have a plan on next steps at the end of 40 days. 

I have some new cookbooks on Vegan cooking and want to replace a couple of meals a week with vegan entrees and more that are vegetarian to go with my fish on Fridays.  So I love to cook combining the two works very well.   

It will be a interesting experiment even knowing that things can change in a minute.....

Tags: care of self, eating, lent, rest, swimming

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