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Rough week

I was supposed to swim a race this weekend but couldn't pick up my pups if I did.  I bailed on the 21 minute swim for the 12 hours with the pups.  I also was supposed to go to World's this weekend but work, new client, etc have conspired against me.  So it is back to the drawing board for now.  A summer ahead and what to do?  I want to swim but need to find those that are financially balanced.

Loch Lomond is out because I can't find a boat, Swim the Suck is filled up along with a lot of the other big swims....but I do have my BLDSA card for this year.

I also did get a USAT card this year so that opens up a few more events, but can I get them to switch the length of the run and the swim?  Probably no,t but I can crawl to the finish if need be....

Oh well it is back to the drawing board to figure out what to do... anyone with ideas, ping me or leave a message please.
Tags: brooding, re-planing, swims

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