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Changes are a constant.

Well folks, I know I owe a few entries and I was hoping to be home for a few weeks to get caught up.  Best laid plans and all that….

 Instead I will be traveling into the upcoming hurricane and it won’t be as cool as swimming in Cocoa Beach as one closed in on Florida a few years ago. 

And to finish my luck (good this time), a number 1 position opened up on a late September neap tide next year; I received the notice today and I just emailed back and asked to be penciled in. 

My second mid-life crisis has definitely taken shape and this one will last 2 years until I turn ‘half-century.’ 

So the semi-official next year schedule for big swims is ‘Tampa, Catalina and English.’  The Catalina will finish my triple crown after 8 years of stasis…

More later.

Tags: midlife crisis, plans

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