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Just two goals....

Well I started this New Year with two goals besides learning to dive with goggles which has been consistent for 10 years or more

They are to ‘avoid drama’ even when being sucked in and to ‘just do better.’  Fifteen days into the month and I’m doing pretty good.  I have learned the delete key in email; the hide key in Facebook and the red button on my phone.  I wish it was as easy to utilize the delete key in my brain but I’m working on it.

Progress not perfection is the motto for this year

The ‘just do better’ is with nutrition, exercise, sleep and de-stressing.  I’m home right now and eating fairly healthy, exercising, working on sleep issues, less stress and more patience.  I went to my first acupuncture appointment to see if that would help bring down my blood pressure and am doing yoga and meditation in search of similar results.  So far my pants fit better,  I’m establishing a good swimming base and the dogs say I’m not as ‘demanding.’ But they will say anything for a treat, so who knows.

The real challenge will be to continue this on the road.  How to avoid the fast food and salt laden junk food will be interesting.  I do travel with a bottle of Mrs. Dash so if I have the change to cook something myself that is healthy and not boring.  I’m not carrying a full suitcase of herbs with me.  So that is my check-in with myself for the first half of January.

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