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Strength in many forms, grace also…

Many years ago during a time of personal crisis I saw that strength comes in many forms.  I was sitting on top of Sentinel Dome in Yosemite National Park.  As I watched the hawks gliding on the updrafts behind me in the rocks were Monarch Butterflies flitting.  The contrast of the strength hit me at once.  The sheer power of the hawks as they glided by and the perseverance of the Monarch who make a annual trip round trip from Northern California to Mexico back to Northern California.  Each had a different types of strength for the same purpose, that of survival.

Of late I have had the privilege to be on periphery and witness two friends on similar paths but at different places of them.  It appears in the near future one will be on to the next great adventure.   Again I am forced to understand the concept of different strength.  Most importantly this is 'the strength that is needed to love and let go.'  I don’t do helpless well.  I try not to do it at all. But there comes a time when you have to understand that it happens at times and realize no matter what, you can’t affect the outcome.

These two friends are unknowingly teaching me lessons about both strength and grace.  Both lessons I hope I learn well.  The one that will be moving on has finally decided it is time for her Big Beautiful Schnauzer to be re-homed with another friend.  We all know that he has helped keep her alive and living with the joy and grace she shows us all.  Even in her request there was just this amazing lady showing the love she has for this pup and all of us.  Not a grumble, nor hint of discontent, just an explanation and request.  She is facing the biggest transformation of her life and she is showing us all how to be graceful and loving.

The second friend is a soul sister to the first and when they are together the laughter is unstoppable and bubbling, not little snickers or giggles but laughter as it was meant to be, uninhibited and unashamed.

I can only help in trying to provide some of this laughter as she also faces her biggest opponent and love her through her journey.
And pray she knows ‘her sister’ will always be with her.

Boy, they are making sure I learn these lessons….

Help me learn these lessons of 'strength and grace' with grace they would be proud of.

So in closing, here are a couple of pictures, one of Jolie and her Big Beautiful Boy and one of Jolie and Rach laughing.

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