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About 36 hours.....~~\/~\/~\/~\/~\/~\/~~

Well tomorrow, Saturday, at this time we will be on a boat heading out to Santa Rosa Island, there will be 'wind and waves' big ones.   The outlook doesn't look great but it is supposed to calm down tomorrow night.  Then we have 30+ miles of swimming to do.

John W. figured out that I volunteered him to go first, heck, I can't stand on the shore with no crutches...   So my friend, it is your honor.  I'll head off second in the rotation if that is what Emilio sets up.  What he doesn't understand is that those of us that go in the first few positions are the ones that will swim the farthest unless by some freak of nature we finish on an full rotation, the sixth swimmer is the one that finishes the swim.  That doesn't happen very often.  So the first few swimmers tend to swim more hours than the last ones.

I think I have everything I need but light sticks, safety pins, and food.   Lot's of junque (French) food to keep us with stuff to hurl over the side of the boat....  You know we are going to get seasick, at least 4 out of the 6 swimmers.  The kayaker's probably will be laughing at us, this is a good reason to swim solo, you never have to be on the boat until you are too tired to be sick....

It should be a good time had by all no matter what....

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