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December 2017



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Musings on NY's eve

I think that one of the reasons that I have been a little OCD 'obsessive compulsive disorder' about getting photos on my flickr account is because I want to clear all memory cards for the New Year and start taking pictures and having fun doing stupid things. My cars certainly didn't get cleaned out during this spell.....

So the surgery on my ankle will be done, just not on my time. You would think I would learn this someday. I will miss the New Year Day's Alcatraz, not a great way to start the year. I will figure a way to do something else.

At least the Doc wants me to work out and swim as much as I can. He figures if I'm tired, I will stay out of trouble. He should know by now that only happens when I'm asleep; of course that could be his idea of 'tired.' He may have learned something.....

I did go to the bookstore yesterday, when in doubt read. I also have some new books on swimming, mostly literature that I got and haven't read. I also got the book 'no more a@@h*les' for Christmas. You have to understand it was from my sister-in-law whose religion forbids foul language. I still wonder why she chose that from my wish list on Amazon? Nothing else had foul language in the title, even though it is a management book. I'm waiting for her to come back to the states and ask her. It just strikes me as very funny and seriously cool that she would buy me that book. We can just drop the 'in-law' part, heck my Mom loves her more anyway......just ask my brother.

I received snail mail two cards I love, one from Joe in Co with a picture of Aurora, my dog-niece and one from my 'Sis' and her family in the UK.

One of my favorite gifts was a calendar, it was a family calendar of my 40 year apart twin, her brother and parents. I felt very loved to have received it.

This is here to remind me on rough days. I am very blessed in friendship, family and my adopted family.

Well to anyone who reads this 'Happy New Year!' and I hope that 2008 brings lots of laughter, opportunities, creativity and love for you.