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Boston, new pool, etc...

So where am I these days... I'm working in Boston, living on an Island where the water is too cold to swim in at least this month. Last week I went to a new club to workout, the folks are great and to see the picture it isn't as bad as the one in my head...

In my head it is a dull gray pool, with lines included no less and I swim in a tiny rectangle = 1/2 of a lane and no matter how far down I look, the pool is only 33 meters long, including the bulkhead. There are walls all around and no chance of the sun. And then I wonder why it feels like a prison? Do I need a black and white striped suit, horizontal of course, not slimming?

Is it just the pool or being along out here? I'm not sure yet, I do know that getting sick this weekend didn't help everything that is going on.

But tomorrow I will be back, trudging up and down the little gray pool, inside my little 1/2 lane and maybe it will seem bigger? I kinda doubt it, but as I said the folks are great and that makes it bearable until the ocean warms up and the trips to Walden Pond start. Maybe there will be a little green soon besides the plants in the house...
Tags: boston, new pool, prison

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