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December 2017



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A long weekend!

Well as far as I'm concerned the weekend is here!

Lots of time to immerse myself in my passions and shave the dog. I keep telling her that I will leave a Mohawk down her back but maybe I'll keep that for Halloween. We will see how the 4th and fireworks go! Boo sleeps through thunder but fireworks are another ball of fun entirely and we have only experienced the Celtics win last month....

One of the coolest things about being out East is the thunder and lightning, thunder many afternoons but I like it later when the lightning stands out against the sky!

It will also be a weekend of my newest passion that I'm imbibing in, cooking. New cookbooks, grocery stores and my imagination as well as plan "B", hot dogs in the 'fridge. (Microwave in case of emergency)

As well as the immersement in my old standards of reading, music, and swimming long hours.
Because next week I start my season with a 10K in Santa Barbara and then Trans Tahoe, the 'lake gods" willing. The lake has to be of sufficient height to get the boat out of the marina. We have run it into a boulder in a prior year and it was something the boat didn't like. Not something to repeat or my pilot may decide that guiding me is no fun anymore and I want to do the double length next year.

I also got the news that I am in the Boston Lighthouse Swim, eight miles. I'm the 7th entrant, now to find a boat for escort purposes.

So I'm going to try a couple of beaches that I haven't swum off of yet. Island life has it's perks. And do you really think the dog will sleep in because it is a holiday or weekend?


thank you!

thank you so much for adding me!

This boston lighthouse swim sounds intriguing....

Re: thank you!

Put the link on your page Jeff but entries have to be in soon! You have a place to stay here, solo or with family...